September 1, 2023


Instead of taking a step forward, it appears that the CCAA Hall of Fame is taking a step in the opposite direction for the national governing body's golden anniversary. Unlike the 2022-23 Summary of Deadlines, the 2023-24 Summary of Deadlines has no nomination deadline for the Hall listed.

Two scenarios are likely. It is plausible to conclude that either no inductions will occur in 2024 or a special induction class will be selected without nominations which would contravene portions of the Operating Code.

Both scenarios are problematic. With no induction classes in 2020 and 2021, the absence of a class in 2024 diminishes the ability to recognize inductees while they can savour the moment and appreciate the honour. With the special induction class of builders in 2014 (that included seven individuals who were at the initial meeting in 1972 to explore a national association), eyebrows were raised as the inductees included a member of the CCAA's first executive whose working relationship with the governing body ended in 1974 before the first season was in the books. Inductions must be timely and above board.

A logical alternative is to do an induction class encompassing the best teams in CCAA history along with an individual athlete or coach from that team. Five athletes who were honoured as a CCAA Tournament MVP in one season and as a CCAA Tournament All Star in another also donned jerseys for hockey teams during a back to back national championship run. Of the five hockey teams with consecutive national titles, the one with the widest average scoring margin per game and highest winning percentage during its run included a five time CCAA individual award recipient among its ranks who was also an assistant coach on another back to back national champion. Not only would teams fill a void in the Hall, the backlog of deserving non-builders would be somewhat alleviated as well.

Despite what some insiders might say, there is still time to right the ship before the annual general meeting next summer in the nation's capital.

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